Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pierced Ears

Adelle got her ears pierced today. She was really good. We let her pick out her earrings- pink studs, and sat her up on the big seat, and she was so excited. I warned her that it was going to hurt, but I think she was too excited to really listen to me. She was sitting up in the chair, grinning so big, until the lady came to mark her ears, then she got all clenchy. It was pretty funny. Then they pierced her ears- both at the same time (really the only way to do it- especially in the little girls.) She was OK for like a second after they did it, and then you could just see her expression change as she started to feel it. There were some big tears, but she only cried for about 2 minutes tops. It also helped that they gave her a bag of skittles. By the time I paid, she was back to smiling, and telling the ladies thank you. Ever since we got home, she has been looking in every mirror to see her new "big girl earrings." At the store, one of the ladies made a remark about how big she was now to have pierced ears, so when we were leaving, she asked me if we were going to big girl school now.--I have been telling her that I wont sign her up for preschool until she would go potty in the toilet, that she needed to be a big girl to go.

The first picture is of her goofy face waiting to get them pierced, second is obviously them actually doing it, and third is right after, with a very grumpy face.

Sorry for the crappy photos, they were taken with my phone, which while it in itself is completely awesome, it definitely doesnt have the best camera.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anniversary- Family Reunion- pretty busy

So Sunday, April 27 was our 7th Anniversary. We went out on Saturday to celebrate. We went up to the Tracey Aviary, and stopped at a Tibetan resturaunt to eat- the food wasnt great to say the least. We thought we would like it since we like Indian food, and Tibet is near India, but it was definately a no-go. We went to the Harvest Restaurant for dinner, since Chefs Table (where we always go) was booked due to BYU and UVSC graduations and 3 proms in the area. The best I can say was that the bread they brought out before was really goo,- they were fresh wheat mini loaves, and dessert was good. Everything in between was definately a let-down. We got an appetizer, some kind of tuscan flat bread, which was alright. Jeremy ordered a tomato soup- which was really good, but my ceasar salad, wasnt great. The service was slow, and when the waiter brings out our order, he had switched the way the steaks were cooked. Jeremy ordered on type of steak medium well, and it was bright red inside, and I ordered a different steak medium rare- but specified that I wanted it pink throught, and red in the center since it seems to differ at every restaurant. Well mine came well done. So we sent them back, which made me nervous. We have never sent anything back before, but this was our anniversary, and I wanted good food. After about another 30 minutes of waiting, he brings me my steak, and this time it was probably medium well. Not to done and dry, but definately NO pink at all. It was rediculous. By that time, I didnt want to wait for them to prepare a new dish again, so we just ordered dessert and left. Both of our dishes were just alright as well. We SO wish we would have gone to Chefs Table- but lesson learned I guess, and next year if we stay in town we will make a reservation well ahead of time. After dinner- being the dorks we are, we went to Home Depot and the Grocery store. Great Anniversary celebration huh? But it was nice to not have any kids with us.

Sunday, our friends blessed their sweet baby boy, so we went over there after the blessing for lunch. They had built their own table, and it looks AMAZING. I love it. It looks so great. These photos dont even do it justice.

Friday our kids went to a Birthday Party for their best friend. I of course didnt get presents made till the last minute. Cameron gave her a little scrapbooking kit with 2 albums, paper, stickers, embellishments what-not in it because her mom said she likes to scrapbook with her. Ryan gave her a purse that I made. It was a brown felt purse, with her name sewed on in hot pink felt, and hot pink and light pink felt flowers on the other side. Adelle gave her a tea set that she helped me paint for her, which turned out not that great unfortunately. But I guess that is what I get for waiting till the last minute, and letting a 3 year old help. But the hat box we put it in turned out really cute. I will put pictures up as soon as I get motivated enough to go out into the garage and get the camera out of the car and load the pictures onto our server.

Right after the party we left for Vegas. After about 5 bathroom, gas, dinner, feeding Kenadee stops we got in about 11:30 which is late for us to be traveling. - The first bathroom break we did, Adelle needed to be changed, and since we forgot to let the boys go the bathroom before we left I told them that they needed to try and go to the bathroom. They were saying that they didnt need to, untill I told them they could pee on a bush (we were at some secluded ranch exit) and all of a sudden they were like- "Maybe we do have to go potty." Thats 5 year old boys for ya! Saturday we had a family reunion for my Grandpas side of the family. It was neat to hear my grandpa and his siblings talking about their parents (at least what I heard of it before Kenadee got too fussy.) My Grandma recorded it, so hopefully I will be able to watch it soon. Our boys had fun playing in the "river" which was about 2 inches deep and 6 or so inches wide, and catching frogs. Adelle enjoyed playing with my cousin, Sydney, who by the way had her first car accident there (she's 4). They were playing on a golf cart that had an emergency brake on, and she pushed the brake, which unlocked the emergency brake, and rolled into the nearest car. My boys came running up to me talking about how they had seen her driving a car past them and getting into a "big crash" I'm just glad that for once it wasnt one of my kids behind the trouble.

That night, my Aunt and her Husband came over to my moms house to make everyone dinner, while the kids went swimming. The best part of the whole evening was when one of my boys brought a "present" in the house to my Mom, and proceeded to hand her a cricut. It was pretty hilarious to see all my aunts and grandma and mom, scream about it.

Sunday we did Family pictures, and went out to the Fiesta Buffet for brunch with everyone before we left. Again, we had about 6 or so stops on the way home. My Sister who left 2 hours after us, and stopped and went shopping on the way home got to our house at the same time we did. There are definately things that I will not miss about this stage in my kids lives.