Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adelle's Birthday Dinner

Me- Adelle, where do you want to go eat on your Birthday?
Adelle- The Lion
Me- The Lion? I dont know that restautant.
Adelle- you know- the pool
Me- We cant go to the pool- it isnt open yet it is still too cold.
Adelle- No- where they jump in the pool and the fire.
Me- Oh- OK we can eat at the Mayan.

With the fire breathing cast member. This guy absolutely terrified my poor nephew. Adelle obviously doesnt mind that there is a mostly naked man right next to her.

Grandma Horton helping her eat her Birthday dessert.

The kids with their cousin Kimberlyn.

Aunt Heather and Uncle Icky (Eric)

Me and Kenadee

Aunt Angie and Kimberlyn

Uncle Brett and Lucas

Jeremy wasn't feeling the best, and he was freezing, so he is wearing my down jacket in this picture.

Aunt Heather and Kenadee

Adelle about to be eaten by a snake.

She is absolutely terrified!

Boys conquering the snake.

Messy Little Lady

Remind me not to let her feed herself pasta again.

Mardi's Birthday

Threw a small little surprise party for Mardi for her birthday. Had some friends stop by and had cake and ice cream. VERY low key! But it was still fun.

Girls Night Out Birthday Tradition- We take the Birthday Girl out to dinner to the restaurant of her choice. This is a tradition we have done for the past 2 or 3 years with Mardi, Heather, Ciara and me. This year we invited a couple extra girls. We almost always end up eating at Happy Sumo because it is everyones (except Ciara) favorite.

Sweet little Beckham's 1st Birthday Party. (I totally stole these pictures off Mardi's blog.)

Superbowl Tradition

While I dont really enjoy watching football (or any other sport really) and my husband only usually watches BYU games- we still indulge in some Superbowl traditions. Well OK- really only one- but we have done it since our first Superbowl Sunday together- before we were even married...

7 Layer Dip


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teachers presents I made for Valentines Day. What teacher cant use soap and hand sanitizer? Especially during flu season! And they are non-fat-ening!!

Adelles Valentines Bag- made 30 min. before preschool started- when I realized she needed something to hold her valentines in. No- the top isnt finished, but we needed to leave. And yes you can still see where I drew out her name to stitch over it. Oh well- it served its purpose and maybe I will do better next year!

Her valentines she handed out. She wanted to hand out these candy bracelets, so I cut up strips of double sided paper and stapled them on. She wrote her name herself on most of them (until she got tired of doing it.)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thought process

Let's see what I have in my hand.

think think think

I wonder what they have.

What should I do?

I can't believe she played that.

Yes- I'm cute.

Friday, May 29, 2009

3 zero

In honor of Jeremy's 30th birthday I decide to throw him a 70's party to honor the decade in which he was born. We ended up doing a Murder Mystery Party.

Double ‘7’
Double Secret Agent & Prankster

Originally hailing from Britain, Double ‘7’ is a
womanizing American secret government agent
involved in covert international operations. As serious
as his job may be, he is the ultimate trickster. He is a
non-stop 'sneak' and you better watch your back...

Dalan Doogart
Computer Genius and Medieval Swordsman

Dalan Doogart is one of the most intelligent and
eccentric people you will ever meet. He works for IDM
Computers as a consultant on microprocessors. He
swears that computers will be a staple in a large portion
of American households by the year 2000 just like the
television. Those around him laugh about that since
computers would take up too much space! Watch out
because Dalan is also known for his random
impersonations of animals...and these could catch you
off guard!

Lola Gaynor
Gracious ‘70s Vegas Showgirl

Lola Gaynor is one of the friendliest people you will ever
meet! The beautiful and talented Las Vegas Showgirl
stars in the show, Dopacabana, at the Popicana Resort
and Casino on the Vegas strip. The amicable Lola is
known to be overly accommodating...almost to a fault.
Lola suffers from a rare condition named mute random times, she is unable to speak but
the doctors can't figure out why?

Tony Tuscadero
Oblivious ‘70s Disco Dancing Champion

Tony Tuscadero hails from the streets of Brooklyn
where he was an 'A' student in the school of hard
knocks. His dream was to become a disco dancer and
he spent all of his free time practicing in a local
discotheque. He is now the reigning national disco
dancing champion with his partner, Sharlet
O’Shoolahan. One more thing about Tony… when he’s
dancing, he enters his own world and is completely
oblivious to his surroundings!

Barry Vahl
Lazy Millionaire Inventor of the Pet Rock.

Barry Vahl is the recently-divorced inventor of the pet
rock. With his pet rock invention, this entrepreneur
made his first million within six months of his first sale.
Who knew? He is also an avid hunter and humanitarian,
but sometimes, he can be as lazy as his pet rocks!

Jeremey ended up being the victim which is why he has makeup on his face. It is supposed to be a gash on his head and a black eye- but all I had to use on his face was blush and brown eyeliner.

Fanni-Sid Pyngstad
Egotistical Member of the ‘70s Rock Band ‘’BABBA”

Fanni-Sid Pyngstad, a member of the hit '70s band
‘BABBA’, is one of the most difficult pop stars to work
with because she is so demanding and egotistical. She
is known to be a major one-upper as she can't stand for
anyone to succeed around her. So don't tell Fanni-Sid
Pyngstad you ran a mile unless you want to hear a
made believe story of how she just got back from
winning a cross country marathon!

Harry Nadshaw
‘NFL Quarterback and Professional Rose Gardener

Harry Nadshaw is an NFL quarterback and Super Bowl
Champion. In his spare time, he is a professional rose
gardener. This naturalist is keen on showing his
sensitive side to those close to him, but on the football
field, he's a beast!

Vampira Von Bitemark
‘70s Vampire and Animal Rights Activist

An icon to the Gothic community, the anti-social
Vampira Von Bitemark is one of the leading animal
rights activists in the nation. She also happens to be a
vampire...or at least she believes she is a vampire.
Beware to meat eaters everywhere…she desires a
complete eradication of those who consume animal

Bisty Crinkley
Stunning‘70s Super Model and Over-Achieving Academic
The playful and gorgeous Bisty Crinkley is a famed '70s
icon! Best known for television and modeling
adventures, people are shocked to find out that she's an
over-achieving academic with three Ph.D.'s she's
secretly earned over the years! College classes, of
course, have been second to being the face of the
Cosmetic Company ‘Plaster Girl.’

Disco Dancing competition

Making mini disco balls

The cake isnt that pretty, but it is the best. tasting. cake. EVER!

We hired 2 babysitters for the night to keep an eye on the kids while us grown ups had fun. They came down for dinner (we had Cafe Rio chicken and pork salads/burritos.) When the boys noticed we were all dressed up weird, they put on their pirate costumes.

Here is Kenadee getting in on the action with her Uncle's costume.