Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Spoiled

So as I am typing this, my sweet Husband is waiting in a line camped out in front of the AT&T store to get me the new 16 GB iPhone 3G. His friend was going to go, so he asked me if I would like for him to go and wait in line to get one too. This, after he calls me and my female relatives crazy for camping out overnight at Best Buy every year (at least every year we go to Vegas for Thanksgiving) for Black Friday. They wouldn't let them line up until 9 p.m. but they got there at 8:20 and he was still 5th in line (well the line they formed NEXT to the sidewalk- which is where the real line formed once they let them.), and people were pouring into the parking lot. He called me at like 9:15 and said the line was at least 100 people long. OK he is definitely scoring major brownie points on this one. The store doesnt even open until 8 a.m. And yet here I am dreading the night since I barely get any sleep when he is gone.

OK so, I originally wrote that about 10 last night, then me being the paranoid person that I am was thinking that if there was someone who was stalking me or something and read that, they would know that my husband wasnt home, and come over and kill me or something. So yeah, I decided not to post it last night. This is just how I get when he is gone- every little noise is someone breaking in.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Jeremys Job

Jeremy is SO loving his job. Really big things happening in the company, he is so excited about it.
This is what he is the test lead on. Here is another link, another, and another.

This is for all those people that have asked us how things are going, they are just some links Jeremy sent me.

SO busy!

We have been busy this summer. My boys finally finished their T-ball season, which I am glad about since it gives us our Tuesday and Thursday nights back (at least until soccer starts this fall.) They also finished their first round of swim lessons this year (next session starts today though- at least we got 1 week off.) Adelle is half way through her swim lessons- after every lesson we ask her what she learned and she always says- "Um, blow bubbles." She loves her lessons, we hired our regular babysitter to teach her, since she also happens to be a lifeguard at the pool this summer and teaches lessons there. I think I figured that in 10 days I was at the pool 20 something times. We go once for the boys swim lessons, and then again for Adelle's, at which point we either just stay and swim (if her lessons are late enough that Jeremy can meet me there,) or leave, and I have been trying to swim laps 2 times a week.

We had my Dad and 3 brothers stay with us for a little over a week this past week, which was so much fun for us. My kids totally enjoyed it- especially since they get to sleep downstairs with their Uncles when they come. We went to My Great Grandma Ruth's 90th birthday. It was so good to see relatives from my Dad's side that I haven't seen for years. My Dad helped me paint my girls room which made Adelle deliriously happy- especially since it was pink and green which are her 2 favorite colors. Once we get the chair railing up I will post a picture of it. We went up to Kennecott Mine, out to Happy Sumo, helped my sister and her Husband lay sod. The rest of the family got in for the 4th. I love being able to spend time with my family. We definitely don't get to see them enough. We got to spend time with the Konolds (my grandmas sisters family) which was great since we really haven't seen them since our last Henrie family reunion which was almost 2 years ago. Oh and the best part was we all went out to eat at Chefs Table, which is Jeremy and my favorite place to eat. The only downside is they didn't have my scallops on the menu anymore, which is my favorite thing to get there.

We got a new piece of furniture for our front room, which finally makes the room feel like a real room, and not just the place where leftover furniture goes to hide. Which isn't really hidden at all, since it is the first thing people see when they come over, and the only room we really haven't done ANYTHING with.

My big news is that I received another calling this Sunday as the 1st councilor in Young Women's. I am SO excited about it. Ever since we have been married, I have always wanted to be able to serve in Young Women's. I have only been a Primary Teacher- 3 wards, and the Enrichment Committee Leader- also 3 wards. I guess I have also been on the Activities Committee (which I am still on I assume since I haven't been released from that.) The first thing Jeremy said when I told him is- "You realise that you have to go to camp right?" Yeah I like to be pampered, and Camp for a week, all dirty and in tents that aren't air-conditioned and what not doesn't exactly appeal to me, but I think I have a year until I have to worry about that. I remember each and every one of my Young Women's leaders and they all have had big impacts on my life, so I do have a bit of a feeling of inadequacy, but am praying that the Lord will guide me and compensate when I fall short.