Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dinosaur Party

So this year the boys decided that they wanted their own Birthday Parties. I told them we could go somewhere fun like Kangaroo Zoo if they had one together-(totally easier on the Mom!) But even that didnt convince them. Me being the procrastinator that I am didnt even start planning the parties until a week before, and of course 3 of my kids get sick that week. We almost postponed the parties, but the Doctor assured us they would be fine by that day, and they wouldnt be contagious. So basically that left me everything to do the day before and the day of- ARGGGG! Next year I swear I am going to have everything done before I even send out the invitations.

So since they wanted to have their own parties, but I didnt want people to have to come either 2 weekends, or on a friday and a saturday, I just decided to do one party, lunch, and then the other party. Camerons party ended up being first since there wasnt going to be and water games, and it was still a bit cool in the morning. He decided that he wanted a dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur obstacle course type thingy. They had to jump over "tar pits" to help hatch baby dinosaurs. In the background you can see the dinosaur egg pinatas we made, and kinda the big T-Rex footprints leading up to our house.

Volcano cake. Doesn't look that great- by the time I got around to decorating this, I had like no time left, so yeah- but Cameron still liked it and thought it was cool- so I guess that is what really matters.

Cam and his cake.

Dino egg invites.

Each kid got to make a volcano erupt.

Digging up dinosaur bones and eggs.

Excavating the dinosaur bones from sand. Putting the dinosaur puzzles together that were in the eggs.

Making our own fossils.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wow- I have two 6 year olds!

Ryan and Cameron decided that they wanted to go to Cracker Barrel For their birthday dinner (I think it was just because it is the only place to eat that sells toys too.) So their Aunt Heather and Uncle Eric met us there for dinner on their birthday. It was super yummy, and then we let the boys open all their cards from family and presents from us. After that we all came back to our house and had an ice cream cake from Coldstone.

The boys and their cake.

Cameron biting off a little more than he can chew I think.

While smaller than his brothers bite, this is still a pretty big bite for Ryan. They think since they are 6 now everything gets bigger- including the amount of food they shove into their face at a time.

I just think Jeremy looks hot here, so I am including this picture, even though Kenadee is a little blurry and has a wierd look on her face.

Our sweet little Adelle. She keeps saying it is her birthday too, but hasnt minded that no presents have been coming her way.