Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adelles Preschool

So Adelle is loving preschool. Even though she is 3 we decided to go ahead and put her into preschool this year for two reasons (mainly.) The first is that she is so ready for school. She has been counting to 10 and saying (well singing)the alphabet since she was 18 months old, and shows a lot of the readiness steps for kids to start reading, and just astounds us every day with what she catches up on as we work with the boys. The second reason, and the main reason why I am not just teaching her myself anymore (we had a preschool homeschooling program I was working with her on for the past year or so) is that she needs to be more social. She is so shy and gets totally introverted when faced with people she doesnt know. She just sits there and glares at everyone she isnt comfortable with. To the rest of us she knows, we see a TOTALLY different kid. Its like there are 2 seperate people in there. Anyways- I am hoping that this will put her out of her comfort zone enough that she will get used to being around other kids, and be OK with it.

So this really great photographer from the area came and took school pictures of the kids, and put them up online to buy. Some of them are amazing. I of course forgot that it was picture day, so she wasnt dressed up special or anything, and her hair was just up, but not all cute-sey, but they still turned out good. She has one of the pictures of Adelle up on her blog which you can find here--->

freckles photography

She is the 2nd from the bottom. For those of you who want to see more of her (some really cute ones) just email me, and I will send you the link and password to see the rest.

Happy Birthday to me!

So for my Birthday this year I really just wanted to go shopping. Jeremy had to take some friends to the airport at 4:30 in the morning, and when he got back we were all up and getting ready. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel (my kids favorite place to eat), went to a couple home decor stores, then hit the mall. Usually my boys (all 3 of them) are done by the time we even walk in the first store, but this time it happened to be Gymboree, so they all sat and watched the movie quietly (yes even my husband). I probably should have just left them there while I did all my other shopping. Like the 3rd or 4th store in Kenadee had a poop-splosion. Jeremy was holding her, and we ended up having to buy them both new clothes, and after we wiped her off, we still had to give her a bath in the family bathroom sink. Yuck! Definately something you dont want to have to deal with EVER, let alone at the mall. We went to A LOT of stores, and by the time we were in the last store (all day we had promised the kids that at some point we were going to go to Toys R Us) the boys were crying about wanting to leave and go to the toy store. As I am in the dressing room Cameron and Jeremy had a pretty funny conversation.

Cam- This is not fun! I want to go!
Jer- Sorry- its Mommy's birthday and she gets to decide what we do today, and she wants to go shopping.
Cam- But Dad, she is NEVER going to stop!

Gotta love those kids. Kenadee took 4 steps while we were at Gap. She had taken 2 yesterday while her and I were at my friend Mardi's house. And when my sister was watching her while Jeremy and I went out to dinner she took like 10 all on her own. Made me so sad that I missed so many of those first ones, but Heather recorded it onto her phone, so I still got to see it.

One funny thing- every time my sister watches my kids Jeremy and I end up going to the grocery store. We went on our anniversary, a couple other times, and yesterday night for my birthday. I think it is so funny that we are out on a date night and we end up spending part of it at the grocery store. Welcome to parenthood right. When your just excited to get to the store with out kids and spend time alone together that you dont mind combining the two.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I can't believe my baby is going to be a year old in a couple days.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fiesta Days

This year we went for the fish rodeo. The kids all got to catch a fish with their hands. They had so much fun, untill it came time to clean the fish out.

"But Dad, can't we just put it into our fish tank? We dont want our fish to die." -Insert sad face full of tears here.-

The boys got pretty high up on the wall before they got scared.

One of the ladies that comes and cleans our house was volunteering there, and helped Adelle catch her fish.

Shark Party

For lunch we had octopus hotdogs on seashell pasta, dinosaur chicken nuggets, steggosaurus snacks (carrots and apples) and ocean juice. Then we went out back for Ryans Party. There were lots of activities planned, but the kids really just wanted to play in the water, so they did for the most part. We had a small pool filled up with water that had tons of sea creature toys in it that the kids "caught." We made wave jars. The trampoline enclosure was filled with balloons, so it was really fun to jump in (until the Dads went in there and popped them all.)

Ryans favorite toy this summer. A rocket where you control the height by controlling the water. Everyone had to see if they could get the rocket highest before it came crashing down.

Classic slip and slide. I bought this for the boys at the end of the school year and they were mad the I hadnt bought them the shark one.

Ryan getting ready to start a water fight with his little sister.

Shark Cake.

Ry and his cake.

Shark Pinata.