Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wow- I have two 6 year olds!

Ryan and Cameron decided that they wanted to go to Cracker Barrel For their birthday dinner (I think it was just because it is the only place to eat that sells toys too.) So their Aunt Heather and Uncle Eric met us there for dinner on their birthday. It was super yummy, and then we let the boys open all their cards from family and presents from us. After that we all came back to our house and had an ice cream cake from Coldstone.

The boys and their cake.

Cameron biting off a little more than he can chew I think.

While smaller than his brothers bite, this is still a pretty big bite for Ryan. They think since they are 6 now everything gets bigger- including the amount of food they shove into their face at a time.

I just think Jeremy looks hot here, so I am including this picture, even though Kenadee is a little blurry and has a wierd look on her face.

Our sweet little Adelle. She keeps saying it is her birthday too, but hasnt minded that no presents have been coming her way.

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Mardi & Jeremey said...

Great pictures. I can't believe they are already 6! It looks like the boys had a lot of fun!