Monday, September 15, 2008

Shark Party

For lunch we had octopus hotdogs on seashell pasta, dinosaur chicken nuggets, steggosaurus snacks (carrots and apples) and ocean juice. Then we went out back for Ryans Party. There were lots of activities planned, but the kids really just wanted to play in the water, so they did for the most part. We had a small pool filled up with water that had tons of sea creature toys in it that the kids "caught." We made wave jars. The trampoline enclosure was filled with balloons, so it was really fun to jump in (until the Dads went in there and popped them all.)

Ryans favorite toy this summer. A rocket where you control the height by controlling the water. Everyone had to see if they could get the rocket highest before it came crashing down.

Classic slip and slide. I bought this for the boys at the end of the school year and they were mad the I hadnt bought them the shark one.

Ryan getting ready to start a water fight with his little sister.

Shark Cake.

Ry and his cake.

Shark Pinata.

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