Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Adelle's Birthday Dinner

Me- Adelle, where do you want to go eat on your Birthday?
Adelle- The Lion
Me- The Lion? I dont know that restautant.
Adelle- you know- the pool
Me- We cant go to the pool- it isnt open yet it is still too cold.
Adelle- No- where they jump in the pool and the fire.
Me- Oh- OK we can eat at the Mayan.

With the fire breathing cast member. This guy absolutely terrified my poor nephew. Adelle obviously doesnt mind that there is a mostly naked man right next to her.

Grandma Horton helping her eat her Birthday dessert.

The kids with their cousin Kimberlyn.

Aunt Heather and Uncle Icky (Eric)

Me and Kenadee

Aunt Angie and Kimberlyn

Uncle Brett and Lucas

Jeremy wasn't feeling the best, and he was freezing, so he is wearing my down jacket in this picture.

Aunt Heather and Kenadee

Adelle about to be eaten by a snake.

She is absolutely terrified!

Boys conquering the snake.

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andrea. said...

cute pictures!! looks like such a fun birthday!

ps. you look amazing! i LOVE the color of your hair!