Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last of the Christmas Presents

Wanted to make Mardi an apron, but wanted her to pick the fabric out herself, so I knew she would like it. This is what she chose, and it turned out great. Pictures didnt come out good. Might hijack the apron to take some better ones. It was at night and under dimmed lighting- and I think I forgot to change my lighting source on my camera. It really looks great in real life. Same pattern as the one I made my sister. Kinda want to make one for me in this pattern, but I would either need to 1- get some cosmetic work done first - or 2. figure out how to alter the pattern for those of us who arent so well endowed.

close up.

FIL's present. We wanted to get him a picture to take to work like we did for my Dad, but werent sure if he shares space, or has his own or whatnot, so we decided to make him a keychain one.

MIL's magnetic photo board. I had planned on making this for her and had everything ready for it since October. Of coarse with that amount of time combined with little hands getting into things, I ended up loosing some of the parts. Like the metal holder for the top. Ended up using ribbon to hold it up instead after searching FOREVER for it. Of course we found it right after we got home from our trip from visiting them. Figures. I was tempted to keep this one for myself. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get pictures of her other grandchildren to put on it as well, but those can easily be added.

Nephews blanket. Tried out a fancy stitch from my new machine- but I definitely need more practice on that one. It was hard to get it to feed consistently, and ended up that some of the stitches were closer together and some further apart. It probably didnt help that I was sewing on flannel.


Mama Krit said...

These are amazing! I love the apron. Where did you find the pattern?
The photo book is so darn sweet as well. You always make such adorable gifts!

Anonymous said...

seriously love all your stuff!! how did you learn to be so crafty?! teach me everything you know!!

Mardi and Jeremey said...

I love the apron, but we need to get together and do a new photo shoot. That is not me at my best....ugh! I look horrible!