Monday, November 17, 2008

Boys Halloween Parade

Ok so I dont know who was in charge of taking pictures this year, but we didnt get a lot in costume. About the only ones that I can find of the boys in their costumes are from their school parade. They are from far away, they were moving fast, and they only came by once before it even started, and we were just barely sitting down.Ugh! I will have to put them in their costumes again to get pictures of them. Anyway here these ones are.

Cameron. He wanted to be a bumble bee transformer. So I looked at his toy we bought last year and made a pattern out of it.

Here you can kinda see the back. The bottom panels on the legs have red tail-lights that actually work. I made them by sewing in flashing luggage tags for the tail-lights. He had to show everyone this feature.

From the side again. I really need to get better pictures of this one, especially with all the sweat and tears put into this thing.

It was even harder to get a good picture of Ryan. He was shark boy and all I had to go off of was this. The outfit that was SUPPOSED to go underneath it was of course dirty because

1- He didnt take it off after Trick -or- Treating on Main Street on Saturday like I asked (or after the ward trunk-or-treat-again like I asked).
2- When he finally did take it off he did not put it into the dirty clothes like I asked so I could wash it.
I am trying this new thing with them that if they dont have clean socks because they did not put them into the laundry basket, (and not on their floor) then they will have to rewear dirty socks, clothes, etc. I should not have to pick their clothes up off the floor every time I do the wash. They are learning- slowly!

So he has on a pair of church pants and one of his shirts on inside out so it would be all the same color. They is why it looks so funny. Also because he had put it on himself and not situated it quite right, and some pieces are upside down, and/or missing. Oh well nothing I can do about it now. I dont know if you can see the quilting on it or not?

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Becky Cox said...

amber, you ROCK, holy cow. your kids (and their costumes) are SUPER awesome!!