Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yay! So excited!

So the website that is my favorite resource for patterns ( announced the other day that they are having a "Thrifty Under 50" challenge/contest. And guess what, I was picked as one of the 50! I am so excited right now. I always spend WAY too much when I am making things, and we have always spent WAY WAY too much on Christmas, so this is going to be great. No way is my whole list going to come in under $50- lets face it, it has already far exceeded that and I have just barely starting buying things. But I think that this will help me to spend less overall and get to be creative at the same time, by having a chunk of my gifts put into this category. I am not sure of all the rules yet, if I will be mainly posting here on my blog, or on their special one or what, but I will keep everyone informed of where to go. Who knows maybe you will be inspired and come up with some thrifty Christmas gifts of your own.

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