Friday, April 25, 2008

40 Things

1- I have a very extreme, irrational fear of outhouses. We call it portapotaphobia.

2. I hate when my kids go anywhere without socks on- even my babies- I think it makes them look orphaned.

3- I like to read cereal boxes.

4- If I am reading a book- I tune everything else out, and will not respond if someone is talking to me- I don’t even hear them.

5- I can spend hours on Ebay, and Etsy, and often do.

6- I will not pay money for something someone has made- I would rather make it myself (if I can- and I usually can), yet I pay someone to come clean my house.

7- I love to make budgets and to-do lists, but rarely follow them.

8- I love coupon shopping. It turns my favorite activity (shopping) into a sport. ( I even get 5 newspapers every Sunday just for the coupons, and want to get more.)

9- I sing the Guardian Angel song from My Turn on Earth to my kids almost every night.

10- I love buying and organizing scrapbook supplies, but don’t use them very often, especially if I found the perfect place for it to be stored/displayed.- Sometimes I will buy a couple of the same things just for this reason.

11- I am SO not a morning person.

12- I am starting to train (trane?) for a marathon (again- I had started before I got pregnant with Kenadee, and stopped because I have activity induced asthma, and didn’t want to use the inhaler while I was pregnant.)

13- Disneyland is my favorite place. EVER.

14- If I make a dish with tofu in it- I have to tell Jeremy it is chicken, and he likes it, but if I tell him it is really tofu- all of a sudden the taste changes for him, and he cant take another bite.

15- I LOVE vegetables.

16- I have a little bit of a shopping addiction- I have to really watch myself. (And yes- I realize that there really isn’t any such thing as a little bit of an addiction- it just makes me feel better when I say it that way.)

17- I love many foods burnt. BBQ chicken, lasagna, freezer pizzas, grilled corn on the cob + more.- If it has a couple of really nice black spots it tastes so much better to me.- I know, I know, it causes cancer, but really what doesn’t nowadays?

18- I came up to Utah to go to school because I didn’t want to be one of those people who spend their whole lives living in Vegas, and now I think to myself- ok maybe Vegas wasn’t so bad.

19- I don’t think I am a very good driver- especially if there is snow or ice on the ground, I absolutely refuse to drive in the snow!

20- I justify taking nice long HOT baths in my big tub by bathing my kids in the water after I am done.

21- I really want to go to New York again- we almost did for our Anniversary, but decided against going anywhere, because its not much of vacation when you have to bring a baby.

22- I am my boys soccer coach, and although we are undefeated the kids don’t know this. I tell them that it only matters that everyone had fun playing the game. (They are only in Kindergarten after all.)

23- Sometimes I am tempted to just do my boys homework for them- especially if it requires scissors. I have to constantly fight the urge.

24- I LOVE fabric stores. I can walk in and spend 4 hours, and think that like only a half hour has gone by. My mind just sees fabric and all the possibilities of what can be done with each design.

25- I am a major procrastinator. I need to change this tendency, but keep thinking I will start tomorrow.

26- I’m jealous of all my daughters cute tutus, hairbows and tiaras, and sometimes wish I could put them on and go to the store like she does and not have people think I was crazy.

27- I am only 25, and I have 4 kids.

28- I married one of those guys that I used to make fun of (in my head) in High School. You know- the super-smart-computer-guys.

29- I am really into British History.

30- Orchids are my favorite flower, followed by Gerber Daises, Hydrangeas, Hyacinths, and Lilies.

31- Cumin is the most used spice in my pantry, and cilantro is my most used herb. – We cook a lot of Americanized Mexican food. And my favorite deserts are Mexican desserts- especially flan.

32- Barley is my favorite grain, followed by quinoa.

33- My favorite color is pink, and just a little bit behind is green, the shade that soybeans are after you steam them and take them out of their pod. I want to take a soybean in to Home Depot to have them match a paint color to it for my scrapbook room.

34- When I get too stressed out I just shut down and don’t do ANYTHING. I never worried about anything in High School and College, and as a result I don’t have good stress coping skills.

35- I consider myself a professional beginner. I like to start lots of things, but don’t finish them a lot of the time. Also, I learn how to do a lot of stuff, but move on to the next thing before I can get really good at whatever it is I am learning to do.

36- My husband totally spoils me, and I have been told this a couple of times.

37- All my kids still take naps everyday, and sometimes I do too.

38- I still think Fairy Tales do come true.

39- I love my family SO SO SO much, and of course think I have the best one ever.

40- My life definitely hasn’t turned out like I planned…



Mardi & Jeremey said...

I love this. I feel like I know you so much better now. I love to read cereal boxes too!

corine said...

gosh we have alot in common.this was very intertaining to read.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...i seriously feel like i just got to know you better (or again). this is the cutest list. i really want to see you soon...what about next week??