Monday, April 14, 2008


So in one of my last posts I told everyone about how Jeremy was giving Novell his 2 weeks, well he ended up starting his new job today. Last tuesday, after he got back from accepting his new position at this new company, his director called him in and asked if he had a lot of work to do for the next 2 weeks, and since he didn't he let him stop working that day. I guess that it is a liability to have employees around that are leaving and have access to everything, because if they were disgruntled they could cause a whole world of trouble. But they still are paying us for those last 2 weeks, even though he isnt working them, and an extra week from the FTO he had, so a months worth of pay for a weeks worth of work isn't bad. So we decided that he would take the rest of the week off before starting his new job since he wouldnt have any days off stored up, so who knows when our next break from work will be. We had originally planned on finishing up our garden boxes and just spending time here together at home. Well yeah, that didnt really happen. He ended up working at my uncles shop wednesday morning, then going to his farewell from Novell lunch, then to Santaquin the rest of the day.

Thursday was quite an experience. Late wednesday night, I get a call from out pediatricians office rescheduling our 2 p.m. appointment to 9 a.m. due to and emergency with one of the doctors, so thursday morning, I wake up bright and early (for me) and get up, take a shower, do my hair, makeup, get dressed, go downstairs, get breakfast ready, and go upstairs to wake Adelle up so she can eat. It was about this time that I was thinking to myself how smoothly things were going, and that we were going to actually be early, and getting excited about it... Then I opened Adelles door. All I can say is DESITIN. EVERYWHERE. She must have taken some into her room, and hidden it, and after we put her to bed for the night she had a party with it. She had also put it into her hair. So she had whitish-grey hair that stuck out in every direction possible. And the smell- UGH! So I put her into the bath and scrub her hair 3 times before I realize that it isnt coming out at all, and we are now going to be late by the time she eats, and I get her dressed. So I pull her hair back to try to disguise the desitin. We end up getting to the doctors office late, but since we were scheduled for the first appointment of the day, it isnt too bad. After her 3 year check up, and Kenadees 6 month appointment, we went to the optomitrist to order our sunglasses. Well I had gonr into the Sunglass Hut before and found the pair I wanted, but they gave me the wrong code for it, so we had to go back into Sunglass Hut, get the right code, then go back into the Optomitrist, order them, pay for them whatnot, then we went to AF to look at some cars, and went to La Vigna for lunch. Decided we werent going to make it back to Spanish Fork in time for our boys school, so they would just spend the day with us. Looked at some more cars. Then we had to hurry back here for Soccer pictures, and then play our game. After the game, we came home, and Jeremy had to go back into Santaquin, so I bathed the kids, and got them to bed, he came home and we pretty much crashed. Friday we spent most of the day looking at cars again, and Jeremy figured out what kind he wants. I think it is the Honda Civic SI. We came back so we would be here in time for the boys bus, and Jeremy had to go to a tax place to fix their computers. After that our friends, Jeff and Mandie, took us out to dinner to thank Jeremy for helping Jeff get a job. We went to Tepanyaki in Lehi, so Jeremy was able to get food he likes, and I was able to get sushi- yay!!

Saturday, I took Ryan shopping with me, while Jeremy worked on the garden boxes, then we had a little barbeque with our friends. We had yummy steak, grilled zucchini, salad, baugette bread. For dessert we had strawberry shortcakes, and I tried a new recipe.
It was so good. Then we just played Wii untill we were all exhausted. It was so good to be able to spend time with them, and see their cute little baby.

Well I gotta go, it is Spring Break for my boys, and the weather is actually decent, so they are begging me to jump on the "frampoline" with them.

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Anonymous said...

You have such a busy life!! I love the shirts that you made for your creative! I hope everything is going good. I haven't had a chance to call you, I am job hunting and my sister just had her baby so life is a little crazy. But I will try to call soon!