Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Job

Well he did it. He gave his 2 week notice at Novell today and is on his way up to Salt Lake as I type this to put his acceptance in at this new company. So for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about (aka everyone but our parents and my sister) I will fill you in. So Jeremy had said that he would look for another job after he got a promotion at Novell, we just thought that it would take over a year longer than it actually did. So last year he got his promotion unexpectedly, but things were going good, and his manager was fast tracking him and whatnot. So he just kinda stayed and didnt think much about moving. Well every time there is a layoff I get majorly stressed, there have been like 5 of them at least since he started working there. While he has been completely safe every time I still drives me crazy. Plus with the outsourcing to India last year- let me tell you it was not fun to have my husband half way around the world, and me at home with a newborn and 3 other kids for most of December, we just feel like Novell is more out for whatever is going to save them the most money instead of trying to keep their employees happy. They have been steadily cutting back on the perks since he has been working there, and we just hate the whole, well who knows if he is going to have a job in 6 months, because they dont seem to care about the Provo office thing. But he had an awesome manager, who always went to bat for him and whatnot, so he said at that point that if his manager left he would look for another job. So about 2 weeks ago his manager quit and got a job as a director up at a company called Control Four.
Well Jeremy gets a call from him a few days later that there are a couple of openings and he wants Jeremy to come work for him. So he did the whole interview process and we got an offer last week. Well Jeremy wanted his friend, who was recently fired to get a job up there so they could carpool and whatnot, so we waited until his friend got an offer and accepted.

I am kinda stressed about the whole thing. Just cause it is the unknown. Its kinda funny, when his old boss first called him to try to talk him into coming up there, I was all for him just staying at Novell, then when he decided that he just wanted to stay at Novell, I was all for him leaving, we have gone back and forth and every time, I get nervous and try to convince him to do the opposite thing. Well I finally talked him into leaving, and he is going through with it, and of course now I kinda want him to stay. Oh well. We prayed about it and felt it was right. And I told him if it was something he really wanted to do I would support him 100%- that I would always stand right behind him and support him while he follows his dreams. So it looks like we are moving to a new company. There will be a longer drive for him, and benefits arent quite as good- (paying $15 for our last 2 babies, and like 100 for a $60,000 surgery just cant be beat.) But it is something we can handle, plus it is a new company that is taking off, so there are more opportunities here.

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