Wednesday, April 16, 2008

stenciled shirts

Its hard to sew for boys. I dont like the whole "homemade" look for them. Sometimes it looks so shabby- and not in a good way, so I usually dont sew for my boys- except for quilts or blankets, and costumes. But I am always making new dresses for the girls, and my boys ask me when I am going to make something for them, so I decided to paint them shirts with their favorite things. Camerons favorite is T-Rex, and Ryans is sharks, so here they are. These were my first stenciling attempts, and they arent exactly lined up, but I still like tham, and my boys absolutely love them. They have worn them for the last week straight, wont even let me wash them. Maybe after bath time tonight I might just raid their room and steal them to finally get them clean.

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