Monday, April 7, 2008

Jon and Kelseys reception

So 2 weekends ago we went up to Idaho for Jeremy's brothers reception. He and his wife got married on Valentines Day, the same day my sister and her husband got married. (My only other married sibling also got married on the same day that one of his brothers did- CRAZY) Anyways, because it was kinda a last minute thing I guess, they had their reception later. So we drove up on Thursday. Because we cut it close, we just went straight to the reception place. Let me tell you, it is not fun having to do a 3 year olds hair in a tiny bathroom, while the baby is crying, and the 3 year old is protesting, and trying to run out every time you reach for a bobypin or whatnot. We took our Wii up with us and most of the weekend was spent with everyone gathered around that. The kids had so much fun with their cousin, Kimberlyn. It was nice that Adelle had someone to play with. The boys are at that age where they dont want to play with their little sister so she is constantly being excluded, and we are used to dealing with lots of screaming, fighting, and tears as a result. So needless to say, we would have gladly kidnapped Kimberlyn and taken her back to live with us. For some reason I dont think that that would have gone over very well though. On Friday we went to this really fun park that is mostly handicap accessible, and they had the most comfortable swings ever. They are made to strap people (even adults they were big enough) in that would fall out otherwise, and completely support them. So most of my time was spent on one of those, reclining, with Kenadee as I watched everyone else run around. We went to see Horton Hears a Who on Saturday since the elephant is named after our family after all. It was definitely an experience. In the row behind us there was a Dad and Grandpa that took the kids to the movies. Now I am all for Dads getting to spend time with their kids, and giving the wives a break, but let me tell you it definitely wasnt a break for the rest of us. They were constantly kicking out seats, and since the seats are the kind that kinda rock, I was almost feeling motion sick from all the kicking. So being the brat that I am I would brace my feet on the floor and as they would put their feet on the seat to kick it again, I would push back, which they werent expecting, and they eventually stopped. (Like an hour into it anyways) They were constantly talking over the movie, and towards the end, and I am not joking about this, they dumped an entire large popcorn over our heads. The whole time the Dad and Grandpa are just sitting there watching the movie, not even paying attention to the kids. So about this time I just loose it and swing around and yell at them in the middle of the movie- "Watch your kids!! They are throwing popcorn all over us." I think it embarrassed them a little bit, but come on- it was ridiculous. At the end of the movie the Grandpa comes up to us and says "Wow you guys are good sports, I've never seen that ever happen before." I was thinking in my head- yeah because usually people are courteous of other people and actually watch their children. Ugh! Some people. But overall it was a good trip other than I got food poisoning one night, and Ryan was throwing up one day, but yeah.

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Kevin and Ciara Slider said...

I love to see the girls in those dresses again. There so stinking cute! keep up the good work!