Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Adelle's Hair Appointment- Disneyland Trip part three

You know how when you are a kid and it is Christmas morning, you wake up with butterflies in your tummy at the crack of dawn all excited for the day, and no matter what you do you cant make yourself go back to sleep? Well that was totally me Thursday morning. Luckily I had two little bugs to join me, or I should say I joined them. I crawled into their bed with them and we sat there whispering so we wouldnt wake anyone else up.
There was a little bit of light filtering in through the cracks of the drapes and Cameron realized that he could change the shadows by moving his hands- so he says to me-
Cameron- Last night I saw a shooting star and I mad a wish and it came true.
-Me- Oh? What did you wish for?
-Cameron- Superhero Powers!
-Me- Oh wow- what are your powers?
-Cameron - I can make light.
At this point Ryan chirps in-
-Ryan- Yeah and my superhero powers is to swim really very super fast (as he is waving his arms super fast -like he is swimming.)
-Me- Oh Wow.
-Ryan- Now our whole family has super powers.
-Me- Oh do we? What is my super power?
-Ryan- Kissing.
(Well I am always giving their little cheeks smooches)
-Ryan- Or maybe its exercising. So then you can go super fast.
At this point Cameron starts talking about all the exercises they see me do- sittups, lifting weights, running. Then Ryan turns to me and says-
-Ryan- And Dads Superhero power is a secret. Shh!!

After a bit more snuggling I decide that everyone else in the room can wake up now, so I start getting ready. Our little sleepyhead Adelle was refusing to get up, and when Daddy said, "Don't you want to go to Disneyland?" She responded with, "No the water is too cold." So we had to explain to her that the beach and Disneyland are two very different things.

We all get ready and head down to breakfast, then to the parks. We hit a little snag when we tried to take our wagon in- I guess they dont allow wagons in the park anymore. This was a little annoying to me as we transported it all the way down here and we only brought our single stroller besides the wagon, which means I now have 3 small children who dont have something they can sit in. Last time we were at the park (a year and a half ago) you could even rent one from Disneyland. They suggested we rent 3 strollers- but Im not sure how they expected us to do that with only 2 adults??? So Jeremy takes the boys and the wagon back to the hotel (which upset them quite a bit as they thought they were not going to come back.) While I take Adelle to Club Libby Lu for her appointment. She got the little Princess makeover- I think it was "Pop Princess" This was so totally up her alley. She got eyeshadow on, her nails painted, and a cute updo that hid her mullet hair that she cut herself, and a little tiara.

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