Wednesday, March 5, 2008

California Adventures - Disneyland Trip part five

OK so, Friday we went to California Adventures. We got to sleep in somewhat since it didn't open until 10 a.m. Well we ended up renting 2 strollers today for a total of 3 strollers since my Grandma wasn't renting a wheelchair and said she would push one. So that meant only 1 kiddo would have to walk- I ended up carrying Kenadee just about the whole day anyways. First we rode on Soaring Over California. I sat next to Cameron. (Ryan was in the row behind us next to his favorite uncle, Taylor.) Cameron got so scared when it started- I guess to a 5 year old it seems way to real, and thought he was going to fall out, he was clutching me for dear life! Finally I explained to him that we weren't that high off the ground and we weren't really flying and the look of terror eased somewhat from his face, but he did still clutch my hand. We decided after this that they probably still weren't ready for Tower of Terror, so we went to Monsters Inc, and then saw the Muppet's 3D show.

From there the baby brigade headed over to Bugs life land. We watched to 3D show there- Which IMO is the best one at both parks. Usually the best part of watching the movies is watching the little kidletts jump back when something looks like it is flying out at you, but this one was way more interactive. Then we let the kids ride all the rides there over and over. Kenadee didn't like the watermelon on the chew chew train- it misted her and made her mad. Jeremy decided that he wanted to go see the Aladdin show because a CM told him it was good.

So on our way over there we met up with almost all of the rest of the group (45 of them) and they ended up following us in to the show, even though some of the people had no idea what was going on. It ended up being a cute show and the kids loved it. Adelle was dancing and singing along to all the songs, and the boys really liked when the big elephant came in on the lower level.
From there we went to the Burger place by Soaring- for some reason this is like the only place in both parks that some of the people in my family will actually eat at. I split a chili cheese fry with my kids since they already had a ton of snacks and 1/2 a PB&J each (not to mention that we bought them a kids meal to split that we ended up giving away since they didn't eat it.) I was saving up for dinner!!

The boys all went over to the water ride after that- I wasn't about to get wet- all the little pre-teens in our group who had been riding that over and over looked like they were freezing- plus i didn't really want dirty water all over me. I went with the baby brigade over to the Bear playground thing, and left Kenadee with my Grandma and Mom since she was sleeping and took Dell and Sidney with me. FYI- not a good idea to take two small little girls through the long squirrel ropes part of the coarse. I had to keep pulling their feet out from between the ropes and we were clogging the line up behind us. They both really loved the slide though, and we even found one of the kids in our group there after he had gotten separated and he was screaming his head off. Although the CM just handed him over to me because I gave him a hug and he hugged me back- and let me tell you this kid will hug anyone back, and will just walk up to me or Jeremy (who he has only seen maybe 3 or 4 times in his entire life.) Kind of scared me! This is one of the reasons that we had the little backpack leashes for our kids- because no matter how many people are in our group, ultimately Jeremy and I are responsible for our kids, and since we have 4 very small children- 3 of which are runners (one cant walk yet)- We would rather deal with the nasty looks and comments we get then deal with the terror of loosing a child in a crowded and big place like that.

Anyways, from there we went to the "Undersea" carousel, and then left the park so I could give the kids their baths and get them in their pajamas while Jeremy went out and got them dinner.

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