Monday, March 10, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

So two of the fun girls in my spinning class had a little digital scrapbook class that my sister and I went to a few weeks ago. Since then I have been trying to get some pages done. Dont get me wrong I love paper scrapbooking, but it seems like the thing i love most is buying all the fun scrapbooking stuff and organizing it, and that is about as far as I get with it. I have about 4 years of pictures just sitting in my "to scrapbook" cabinet, or on my computer, and every time I think of how I really need to get them done, it just stresses me out. It seems like I just dont have the time to put all my sewing stuff away, get the right pictures out, design a layout for them, select the papers and embellishments, actually put it all together, and then clean up. Plus I have way too much stuff anyways. I put a moratorium on buying scrapbooking stuff (even using my gift cards) until I actually use up some of what I have. So I was excited when these girls said they could actually teach me to use my photoshop program my husband got for me like a year ago. Since then I have gotten a couple of pages done- I think I still like paper better, but this is something I can do while I am just sitting here feeding the baby or eating lunch or whatnot. Plus since I am spending more of my computer time being productive, I have been spending less time on Ebay which definitely saves us money! So here is my first page. It isnt exactly what I was picturing, but I think it is the first one I completely finished in over a year!

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