Thursday, March 6, 2008

Leaving Day - Disneyland Trip part 7

So we wake up in the morning, go down to breakfast. We go through the line and want chocolate muffins and poppyseed muffins, there arent any left in the baskets, so we ask if there are anymore behind the counter, there are like 1 or 2 of each, and they say that is all they have left, so we take what we can get, and go sit down, well it took us longer to eat than usual since we were talking to everyone, and by the time we are almost ready to leave, all of a sudden more chocolate and poppyseed muffins appear- Wow Magic! or something. So we grab some for the road because they are so good.

Then we head to grandma and Grandpas room for family prayer and to say goodbye to everyone. After this my sisters watch my kids while Jeremy and I frantically shove our belongings into suitcases as fast as we can. Before we leave we head over with Dad to Downtown Disney for our souvenirs. First stop it the candy shop, and guess what they are sold out of Apple Pie Caramel Apples again, so our whole trip we only got 1, and I was planning on bringing home at least 5! Dang it!! We let the kids each pick out a treat (if they wanted more they had to use the Mickey Dollars they earned by helping out before our trip) They all picked the long stick swirly stick suckers, And Adelle chose a Minnie tin. Then we head to the Disney store where we tell the kids they each get 1 shirt, and one toy (we dont want to be here forever). The boys each get a mickey pirate shirt, and Adelle picks out a pink sparkely shirt with the Princesses on it. Cameron picked out a set of 3 cars that were all Buzz Lightyear themed. Ryan picked out a stuffed animal shark from Finding Nemo, and after much debate (do I want princess stickers, princess bracelets, a tinkerbell wand?) Adelle decides on a Tinkerbell baby doll. We grab a Minnie Mouse for Kenadee that is around the same size as the Mickey that Heather got her for Christmas, and Mom grabs Mickey ears for the boys and Minnie ears for Adelle.

After this we all head over to El Pollo Loco (I love this place, and wish they had them here) for lunch with Dad and some of my brothers and sisters and cousins (everyone else left for Vegas already.) The flan was so good, we ordered 2 to take back with us! After we eat we say Bye to everyone, and Heather and Eric pile into our van with us as we head to downtown LA.

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