Thursday, March 6, 2008

Club 33 - Disneyland Trip part ... um like six or something???

So my Uncle comes up to us today and asks if we want to go to dinner at Club 33. I'm like yeah sure we would LIKE to. So he hands us 2 park hopper tickets that say club 33 on them. No WAY!!! I am SO excited about this as I have heard how exclusive this club is, and all the many myths and legends surrounding this place. So we ask Whitney to watch Kenadee for us and Kendall to watch our other kids. There were 10 or us going. Rick, Tracey, Jeff, Heather, Mom, Dad, Lamond, Robyne and us. Problem is none of us had planned on going anywhere nice so most of us didn't exactly bring clothes that fit the dress code. Amber to the rescue for the girls. You see when our boys were 5 months old and we took them to Disneyland we ended up having to go shopping because they threw up all over all their clothes and because for Jeremy and me- we didn't plan on it being as cold as it was. I really didn't want to repeat this so I definitely packed enough, which included 2 sweaters as well as the one I wore on the plane. So Mom and Tracey borrowed my sweaters, and I wore my clothes I wore on the plane which were- comfortable dress pants and a sweater. Jeremy had to borrow a polo shirt from Rick which happened to be from the Karate studio he goes to.

Our reservations were at 8:15, but we had to wait a little while until our table was ready, so we took pictures of all of us in front of the door while we were waiting. We get in and since it was our first time being there they talked to us about some of the myths surrounding the club, as well as about some of the furniture that was there. So we get to go up in a glass lift- (sure the stairs would have been quicker, but come on you have to ride the lift!) We sit down at this big table and first thing that happens is Robyne drops her butter knife on the ground. About 4 or 5 minutes later, she knocks Lamonds butter knife on the ground. About 5 minutes after that Heather knocks over her drink all over ricks plate. (In her defense there was a bump on the table there from where they put another table on top to make it bigger.) Tracey commented on how we seem like kids at their first Prom date. So Jeremy and I order the Vintner- a preset 5 course meal. Course one was basically a Caesar salad, with really good dressing and a toasted baguette
with olive taupenade on it. Second course was a jumbo prawn in a creamy sauce with truffles. Jeremy substituted this with the Creamy Butternut Squash Bisque. Course three for me was (I substituted this in) Chateaubriand with potato leek puree and vegetables (OK well 2 string beans, 2 wax beans, and 2 little cherry tomatoes), Jeremy had a strip steak, spinach, and a potato thing I think. Course 4 was a cheese course. There were 3 different cheeses- The first was like a sharp white cheddar on pepitas, second, some type of Brie on chopped nuts, and third, some other type of soft cheese on a bed of mini greens (which was my favorite). Then for dessert we had a Pistachio Mouse cake, with raspberry sauce and an Oatmeal Raisin cookie- which was so much better than and cookie I have ever had. Oh and we had their special fruit punch to drink. Which was fresh citrus juices blended together.

In the middle of dinner we hear what sounded like gunshots outside, it turned out to be the fireworks, so we got to go out onto the balcony to watch them. Which would have been great had there not been a huge tree in the way. My Dad in true Dad fashion took pictures of everything, so I will have to get some from him. He even sent my Mom into the bathroom with his camera because he had heard about the "Throne Room" I happened to be in there when my Mom came in, so I took the camera, and joking around took pictures of everything- especially the trash can from every angle!

It was such good food, and a really fun experience, especially with my Aunts and Uncles and Parents being there. It was also the most Jeremy and I have ever spent on dinner for just us 2 before. Although when you consider that we each got a park hopper ticket- it really wasn't bad at all- even though I left right after eating, and didn't really get to enjoy it.

So as soon as the dessert course was brought out, I get a text from Whitney that Kenadee woke up and is screaming her head off (she absolutely refuses to take a bottle), so as soon as dessert was over, I went back to the hotel, while Jeremy stayed with everyone else (no point in both of us missing out when I am the only one that can satisfy her.) They ended up riding space mountain 3 times in the hour they had until the park closed. I was completely out by the time Jeremy got back to the room, at around 12:30 that I barely rolled over, kissed him goodnight, and rolled back over and went back to sleep.

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