Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Beach Disneyland part two

We always go to Crystal Cove State Park. There isn't a ton of people here and the old little cottages are so cute. The water was pretty cold- it being February and all. The boys ran right out into the water following the other kids without even testing the temperature and Ryan gets knocked over by a wave first thing. They loved it though, and stayed in it most of the time. (Its a good thing we were with their Aunts and Uncles who didnt mind being out with them because there is no way I was going in.) Adelle hated it. She would chase the water after it receded and throw handfuls of sand at it, and then run screaming when the waves came back in and water started to approach where she was standing. It was Adelle against the ocean and she was trying her best to fill it up with sand. We explored the tide pools and showed the kids anemones and snails. Usually there are little crabs too but we didnt see any this time.

After a very long, exhausting day we went back to the hotel and took baths to get all the sand out of various uncomfortable parts. Jeremy went to the store to pick us up a case of water so we wouldnt have to pay $3 a bottle at the parks, and a Birthday Cake for Adelle.

Dinner was pizza in Grandmas room, and boy was it crowded. Then we sand Happy Birthday to Adelle and had cake.

Jeremy detests shopping so he took the kids back to the room for bed while I went with some of the adults to Downtown Disney to browse the stores. When I got back, they were all sound asleep, and Jeremy didnt even remember me getting in. We had a 2 queen bedroom. Jeremy and I in one bed, Cameron and Ryan in the other, Kenadee in a crib they provided, and Jeremy pushed the 2 armchairs together and that is where Adelle slept. Kenadee slept for 5 hours and then 4 hours, so it was the best night I had with her for a couple months.

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