Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun Week

Saturday morning, we went to Kangaroo Zoo with our friends, Jeff and Mandie and their kids, Paige and Jason. Kangaroo Zoo is an indoor play center where they have lots of those blow-up jumpers and slides. These are my kids favorite things ever, so this place was heaven to them, especially with Paige there as she is my boys favorite person. So they played there for a while, and then we went out to eat at Mi Ranchito. It is mexican food (obviously from the name)and was pretty good. Jeremy got this HUGE platter of food, and he almost finished all of it *oink oink*. The rice there is so good, which I think is totally random. We split a fried ice cream (it was very big) and the kids really enjoyed that. They had chocolate syrup all over them- always a sign that they enjoyed themselves.

On tuesday, I got to have lunch with some of the women in the ward. It was so much fun. There are such neat women in our ward. They are all great examples to me. It was hosted at Heather's house, and Jeremy watched the girls for me since Kenadee had a little cough, and I didnt want to take a chance and accidentally get Heather sick before her surgery. So much fun! I love just being to get out with other women, and recharge!

Wednesday, we had our neighbors behind us, Marcelo, Jana, and their cute daughter, Carly over for dinner. Marcelo is a chef at Macaroni Grill, so I was a bit intimidated. I mean, we always have people over for dinner, and it is always good, but I have never had someone over who cooks for their job, and has any training. So we decided that since the weather is getting a little nicer we would have steak. You cant really go wrong with steak. We also grilled zucchini, and had twice baked potatoes- which in the middle of getting everything ready, I forgot they were in the oven, and were a little overdone, but still tasted good. We also had some of the homemade grape juice that I canned last fall. Marcelo made a super yummy salad, and dinner was a big hit. After dinner we played Mario Party on our wii. We had a ton of fun hanging out with them.

Thursday night I had a coaches meeting to get all the information and equipment I need for the spring soccer season. After that I went to Enrichment. There was a really good program on the Parable or the Ten Virgins, and a yummy dinner. Every table was decorated with a different set of place settings and a yummy cake. Unfortunately, I had brought Kenadee because I didnt have time to feed her before I left, and she wasn't very cooperative. I spent most of the program in the mothers room, listening in, and ate my dinner fast, and one of the sweet women in the ward held her for a few minutes so I could enjoy a little piece of cake. After that I just decided to leave since it was too much of a hassle, plus my feet were sore from walking her around for like 2 hours in high heels.

Jeremy has been crazy busy because the guy that he works for on the side went out of town, so he has been going back and forth from Provo, to American Fork, to Pleasant Grove, to Santaquin all week long trying to iron out kinks in the city systems. Although he is getting a little bit of a break today since his team at work is going out to play laser tag, as a farewell for his manager.

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amber marie belmonte said...

Hey Amber! How the heck are you? It's so great to see all your fun pictures of your ADORABLE family on your blog! i just found you through a link on christal & brennan's blog. Disneyland looks like it was fun! We're planning on taking Taylor sometime soon! I love that you're into digital scrapbooking too! I've been doing it for a while & not many people really know what it is... but it so FUN!