Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Breakfast anyone?

So I have seen a couple of felt food sets made here and there, but for this set alone it is like $30. No way am I going to pay that much for something I can make. So I whipped these up. SO easy. I started with the breakfast food because it seemed the easiest. Since I have never really worked with felt other than making Jedi capes and a felt purse once- oh and the doll shoes, I didn't want to get too in over my head. Had to start simple- and these definitely were! Made up my own patterns.

Pancakes, eggs and Bacon.

Close up of the eggs. The yolk actually sticks up like real eggs do. The pancakes have batting between them to give them more poofyness like a regular pancake. Bacon actually is a little wavy- just like real bacon- Ok well kinda like real bacon.

Oh- these didnt cost me anything, they were made from felt I had laying around (I bought it to make things for our FHE felt board and never got around to it).


Anonymous said...

so cute! i just saw a ton of felt food just like this at pottery barn much cheaper when you make it yourself!!

Courtney said...

WOW! Those are so extremely cute! I can't wait to get started on all I want to do with the felt!

The Swan's said...

wow! amazing! you are my idol iam pretty sure if brennnan saw this post he would ship me off to spanish fork for some crativity class! lol