Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My final count and cost-

Blanket for my daughter- 0
Shark raglan- 2.99
2 Monster hoodies- 12.80
2 raglan dresses-0
2 pajama pants for my boys-0
2 Kimberbell kids dolls-2.69
2 doll dresses, 2 matching peasant nightgowns for my girls, 2 dolly blankies- 2.98
chefs hat-0
reversable crayon apron-0
oven mitt-0
Advent Calender- 1.00
dinosaur raglan- 0
18 wellness kits- 2.00
3 notebook/colored pencil carriers-0
2 cloth balls & 2 cloth blocks-0
felt food- (2 spaghetti with meatballs, 1 pizza, 4 chocolate chip cookies, 1 sugar cookie baking set, 2 poptarts, 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 pancakes)-0

So 63 items for $24.46
(which equals an average of like 39 cents an item) I did end up spending $42.00 on supplies but there were some things I didnt finish by the time the challenge ended, since I got sick. I did finish all my original list- these were some of the things I kept adding when I saw everyone elses great projects. I have finished most of them since. Still working though.

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Anonymous said...

that is so crazy. i never thought it was possible...but you proved me wrong. great job!!