Sunday, December 7, 2008


I love these dolls. They are so cute. They are a little bit more labor intensive than most of my other projects- (The hand embroidery took me like an hour of two- I've never done it before. Thats about what I spend on a complete project, not just part of it.) But I love them, and I think it was worth it. They are naked, but I figured since they werent anatomically correct it was alright to post anyways. Hopefully they will be clothed tomorrow. When I was doing the hair Kenadee came downstairs and was literally pulling the dolls out of my hands to snuggle and play with. She was so excited about them, which makes me really excited about giving her one for Christmas.
Total cost- $2.69 for yarn. I had other yarn on hand but this matched the color of my girls hair better. Everything else is stuff I have had sitting around for awhile. I probably only used 1/2 if even that, so I can make more with it if I have time.

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The Robertson Clan said...

wow! you make dolls too. what a fun gift for a little girl!!