Sunday, December 7, 2008

Reversable Apron, Chef Hat & Oven Mitt

So I have it on good authority that Adelle is getting a play kitchen from a certain fat man. No- not her Dad- this guy prefers red, and only comes out 1 night a year. So I made her some accessories to go with her kitchen.

The reversible apron is a regular apron with pockets on one side and on the other it is a crayon apron with slots to put her crayons. You can get the pattern here. There are a couple things in the pattern I will change next time to suit my own sewing style better (I am a self taught sewer, so I may do it wrong???) but overall it was a good pattern with 3 sizes, and I love how it turned out. I think I am going to make me a utility one for sewing when I get a chance.

The chefs hat is a free pattern you can get here. It is super easy to follow and doesnt take any time at all. I added a little "a" for her, which took the longest since I had to manually machine applique it on (one day I will have an embroidery machine and it will make my life SO much easier!!!) I would suggest doing this step before you sew the sides of the band together, but after you put the velcro on- so you can see where you want it. Oh and do it on the notched side, since that side will be facing out. Oh and it is adjustable so it can fit their head as they grow.

The oven mitt is kinda something I "cooked" up (Jeremy made me do it- he says he is all about the corny-ness.) It was based off of our oven mitt and her hand size. It was kinda hard to turn because I used a stiff interfacing, but it turned out ok, and it is even quilted.

I think I am going to make her a little kitchen towel with a strip of coordinating fabric sewn on to go with the set, but I still have to figure out how I want to do it exactly.

These were all made using scraps- the same ones I used for the wellness kits (like I said I usually buy TOO much fabric). Crayons were bought for like 25 cents at the beginning of the school year (I always stock up on school supplies then). Anything else is stuff I have on hand so these were completely free since I had everything laying around. Not too bad!


Krista Fields said...

I love them! The letter print is my Fav. I may file this idea of fabric selection away for a future project of mine.

Dana P said...

Okay Amber - It's official! You are the most talented person on the block!! Honestly, the past few post have been amazing!! I love the advent calender and the dolls AND the centerpiece!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! :)

Mardi and Jeremey said...

Okay, so now I now what I want for my birthday. A new apron and oven mitt...or at least make one with me one of these nights!

Anonymous said...

this is so stinkin' cute!! i want one in my size...i am so jealous. you are so creative and fun...all the material you have is amazing too! you need to teach a class...seriously!

The Swan's said...

Can I put in my order its way to cute!