Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Dad's present

I think this is safe to post here... I dont think any of my family reads this- or if they do- they dont comment or even mention it to me- so I think I am safe. If not- he will get it in 2 days anyways.
I made him a picture that he can hang in his locker at work (he is a firefighter).

measures 5 in x 5 in. Photos put together with photoshop. I had already edited them- and added their names (even though you cant really see the girls names in these pictures) for a thing we made for Jeremy. Glass in front.

on one of my magnetic chalkboards

Added an acryllic strip in the middle that I used rub-ons on. I wanted to make it a little more personalized to him.

Back. Hot glued magnets on. I originally only had 1 magnet, but it is kinda heavy, and it would just slide down my magnetic chalkboard, so I added 2 more to make sure it stays where it is supposed to.

I hope he likes it. The kids are excited about giving it to him.

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