Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Casual Christmas Dresses

I. LOVE. these. dresses. I cannot say enough good things about this pattern. Seriously, it should be in everyones list of patterns that they go to again and again. I had this cute fleece that I bought like a month or so ago because I thought it was so cute, but didnt really know for sure what I was going to make out of it (at no time did I think it would be dresses though, I was probably thinking of a little blanket.) Well this fabric decided that Carlas Raglan pattern was so awesome it just had to become one- or two. I made it long (although I forgot that Kenadee is tall for her age- Very unusual for my children!- and had to add a ruffle to hers to make it longer like I wanted it.) I just followed the standard age sizing in the pattern since my girls were asleep, but there are instructions to make your own pattern based off of actual measurements. I elongated the hood so I could knot it, and added a pocket, although I need to find the manual for my camera to adjust the flash, because it keeps washing things out, and you cant really see the pocket. These dresses are so warm and comfy (fleece) I had to literally pry it from Adelles body as she was screaming that she wanted to wear it forever, and never take it off. But I decided that 2 days was way too long to wear the same outfit anyways, and I was not going to let her go 3. I promised her if she would let me wash it, she could put it back on as soon as I got it out of the dryer.

Kenadees front. You can kinda see the pocket.

Back. Knotted hood.

Adelle and her funny face. Side. You can kinda see the pocket. It all really blurs together. I think it is a combination of the fleece and my flash. It really looks so much better in real life.

Back. Knotted hood. Please excuse the hair- she just woke up... you should have seen mine. Good thing no cameras were pointed at me. Ive been so busy I havent even looked in the mirror for about a week.


The Robertson Clan said...

you should sell your stuff. this looks so great! what a cute dress!!

Courtney said...

Those are so, so cute! Great idea to turn them into dresses.