Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Mom's present

My Mom is the HARDEST person to get a gift for! If you give her a generic gift (lotions, gift cards, etc.) she will just give them to someone else. She loves roosters, so for like the past 4 years I have bought her a rooster for every holiday- Christmas, Mother's Day, her birthday. They are THE ONLY thing I know she will actually keep. Well I am going to try my luck with something else. Hopefully since it is handmade she wont give it away. I dont know - she may try. But I hope she will like it.

Matching headband. My sewing machine is allergic to velcro, so I need to give it a little break before I attempt to sew the velcro on again, which is why the ends look wierd. They will look better soon.

Front of apron.


Bias tape must have been invented by someone who was pure evil is all I have to say. But you can see the ruffle. Brown with small white polka dots. Goes along the entire bottom - you just cant really see it in the other picture.

Back. It crosses in the back. I think it is way cute- and it is supposed to be more flattering that way.

Another little close up.

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Anonymous said...

are you serious!?! this is so pretty. i love it. you never stop amazing me!!